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The moment a flying sheet of ice destroys a driver’s windshield and he doesn’t even lose control

Did you ever take Drivers Education in your school days? I remember taking that course in high school and my instructor would emphasize the importance of defensive driving on a daily basis.

It’s a good rule to practice, because sometimes things just pop-up out of nowhere and catch you off-guard. One of these scary situations was recently recorded on dash cam. You have to see how calmly the driver handles it.

Watch this arming dash cam video

A man was driving on a highway in Buffalo, N.Y. last week when his windshield got completely smashed. What happened was, a large sheet of ice flew off a semi-truck that was just ahead of him. The ice landed on the car’s windshield, shattering it. Watch the video here:

As you can see in the video, the driver handled the situation perfectly. He calmly pulled to the side of the road without causing any further chaos with traffic. Amazingly, there were no injuries from the incident.

In today’s world, it’s important to have a dash cam in your vehicle. The driver with the smashed windshield now has documented proof of what happened and can track down the trucking company to pursue damages.

It’s not just flying sheets of ice or car accidents that we need to be worried about. The number of road rage incidents in the U.S. is out of control. With a dash cam, you are able to capture all incidents with 100 percent accuracy.

Dash cams are great resources for documenting everything happening around you. If you get into an accident or are a victim of road rage, a dash cam will let the facts speak for themselves.

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