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New breakthrough technology stores 1,000 times more data

No matter where you look, technology is all around us, making our lives better. Smartphones, virtual assistants, internet connected appliances and self-driving vehicles to name a few wonderful innovations.

With so many incredible gadgets being released the past couple of decades, it’s exciting to imagine what’s next. IBM has just made a breakthrough that could give us a glimpse of the future.

How IBM’s storage breakthrough could change the future

Currently, hard drives store one bit of data using around 10,000 atoms. Researchers at IBM have discovered a way to store one bit of data on a single atom. They accomplished this by using magnets.

This breakthrough opens the door to smaller and denser storage devices in the future. Researchers say that this new technology could make it possible to store an entire library of 35 million songs on a gadget the size of a credit card.

Lead researcher Christopher Lutz said, “Magnetic bits lie at the heart of hard-disk drives, tape and next-generation magnetic memory. We conducted this research to understand what happens when you shrink technology down to the most fundamental extreme – the atomic scale.”

Watch the following video if you want the in-depth details of how the new tech works.

This single-atom magnetic technology is still being studied by scientists. It could lead to computers, servers and personal gadgets becoming much smaller and more powerful. They’re not sure when it will be implemented but the possibilities are exciting.

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