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visual intellect test
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Brainteaser: Are you visually intellectual?

Good vision is one thing, but visual intellect is another. You probably have a high visual intellect if you can quickly analyze puzzles. Find out for sure and test your intelligence with the interactive brain test below.

Before you test your eyes and mind, let’s break down what visual intellect means. It reflects how you perceive the world, which can help you notice dangerous patterns. It can also help you connect with people and anticipate their needs.

We’ve got you covered if you need a little help connecting with people. Tap or click here for five apps you can use to meet a pal online or in your city. You can impress your friends by showing off your visual intellect in this interactive quiz. Or you can take it together to see who’s better at spotting hidden errors!

Answer all 10 questions correctly and you’re a genius

PlayBuzz made this interactive quiz you can use to test your eyes, train your brain and see where your visual skills fall short. Answer these 10 questions and identify which picture has a square directly in the center of the grid.

It sounds simple, but it’s deceptively difficult. Just remember that it wouldn’t be an excellent way to test your intelligence if it were easy. Also, each question is more complicated than the one before.

Now’s the time to find out how perceptive you really are. You must quickly analyze what you see and do it correctly.

Upon first glance, it should be easy. But I’m willing to bet it was more challenging than you thought.

If you could spot all 10 squares, you officially have eagle eyes. Now you can share this on social media and brag about your results. You can even challenge your friends to see if they can reach your high score. Be careful, though. You might start some friendly competition!

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