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nuclear-powered sky hotel

This week on Tech Refresh: Sky cruises, Google Maps tricks, more inbox spam

Tech Refresh is your weekly fun podcast with Kim, Allie and Matt. In about 30 minutes, get the tech news you need to know, digital life tips you can use to impress your friends and family, and a lot of laughs. 

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In this week’s podcast:

You know those days when you just feel old? There are also the days when you wake up and feel 20 years younger than the number on your birth certificate. What if a test could tell you not just how many birthdays you’ve had but how old you are at a cellular level? Would you pay $500 to find out your true age — and perhaps even how many years you have left?

Our internet scout, Matt, dives into a hot internet debate: Would you take a sky cruise?

Cruises are one of those divisive vacations. For some people, it’s the perfect trip. Eat and drink to your heart’s content, leave the boat to explore new places and come back for fun activities or just a day at the pool. For other people, a cruise sounds more like a nightmare. Trapped on a boat for days at a time? No way.

What if instead of days on a boat, it was months? And instead of cruising the high seas, the vacation was at 30,000 feet? Sky cruises are years away, but they could be the next hot vacation. 

Plus, Kim has some killer tips to get more out of Google Maps, and Allie shares a hidden way to improve your smart speaker’s sound quality. It takes less than a minute and is totally worth the effort.

All that and lots more. If you learn something new or laugh at one of our jokes, leave us a nice review. Not sure how? Here’s how to tell everyone how great Tech Refresh is.

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