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Solar powered gadget does your yard work for you

There’s nothing fun about picking weeds. This tedious chore can be hard on your back, your knees and even your hands. Weed trimmers and herbicides lighten the load but these methods also have drawbacks.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a robot that could do the work for you? The man behind Roomba (the robot vacuum cleaner) recently created the solution to our yard work woes. This could be your last summer of picking weeds!

Tertill is a solar-powered robot that cuts weeds as it rolls around your garden. This waterproof gadget is designed for gardens that are about 100 square feet. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that it can relay information about your garden to your smartphone.

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Tertill uses a spinning string trimmer to cut weeds in its path. It has sensors that detect how tall a plant is. Plants shorter than an inch get chopped while taller plants, like flowers and vegetables, are left alone. Budding plants that you don’t want to be cut can be protected with plant collars (small metal barriers).

There is some pre-work involved with setting up Tertill. Your garden needs a barrier so that the robot doesn’t wander away. If you have weeds taller than an inch, you’ll need to pick those yourself. But after that initial yard work, Tertill will cut your weeds every day to keep these weeds from returning.

Watch the video below to see Tertill in action and to hear from its creators.

(If you’re reading this story on the app, click here to see the Tertill video.)

If you’re ready to be done with cutting weeds forever then you can pre-order Tertill right now for $249 plus shipping, which is 16 percent off the regular price of $299. If you have a really large garden then you can order two Tertills for $449, which would be a 25 percent savings off the regular price of $599. Each order comes with plant collars. Estimated delivery is May 2018.

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