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Software reveals what Kate, Harry and Meghan will look like in their 60s

Have you ever wondered what you will look like years from now? Whether it’s just a few years, or perhaps 10, 20 or even 30?

For better or worse, appearance is something many of us are concerned with, and while we do our best to look a certain way now, there are no guarantees for the future. We can usually point to our parents for clues, but nothing is certain.

Also for better or worse, there are a lot of people who have a great interest in the British royal family. Combine the curiosity in how people will look with that, and you have the basis for for some new software that predicts what Kate, Meghan and Harry will look like nearly three decades from now.

The software can predict more than just them, of course

The technology was created by Harley Street doctors and, known as “Future Face,” it uses face mapping in order to analyze how faces have changed over time in order to predict how they will look further down the road.

The algorithms for creating the look into the future were developed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julia De Silva, and it can track subtle changes in a human face over time. The software uses photos of patients that are super-imposed over each other, with it picking up on key signs of ageing like sagging skin around the eyes.

De Silva says the software brings a scientific perspective into trying to predict the future. With that in mind, it appears Meghan Markle, who recently married Prince Harry and is now the Duchess of Sussex, will look like this roughly 25 years from now.

Photo from Daily Mail

As for Harry, the expectation is that he will continue to look more like his father, Prince Charles. Thirty-five years from now, he will be nearing age 68 and will probably look like something this:

Photo from Daily Mail

As for Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge will not age as well as Markel — who is actually younger — because of her skin tone, according to De Silva. So, 25 years from now she may look like this:

Photo from Daily Mail

De Silva said that along with skin tone, lifestyle will also play a role, as someone who lives a more healthy, quiet life will likely age better than someone who does not.

Of course, as noted earlier, nothing is guaranteed and chances are the people pictured above will not have similar haircuts or attire when they are photographed two to three decades from now. But if nothing else, this is a fun glimpse into what could very well be the future.

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