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Smart locks ditching batteries
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Smart locks may start using the charge from your phone instead of internal batteries

Smart home security continues to advance and surprise us. But innovation can bring new worries. The fear of getting locked out of your home because the smart lock battery dies has been a big deal for the longest time. That’s about to be a thing of the past.

Smart locks may no longer require an internal battery, thanks to Infineon’s new NAC1080 chip. Instead of your smart locks activating an internal power supply, the chip will draw power from your phone. It’s like wireless charging in reverse (kind of).

That electricity powers the lock and opens it, meaning as long as your smartphone is charged or you have a portable power bank, you can access your smart lock.
Many have battery anxiety, which indirectly benefits this new smart lock chip. We pay attention to our phone batteries a lot. Keep reading for details on this game-changing tech.

Here’s the backstory

So does your phone actually use a form of wireless charging to open the lock? No, not exactly. This technology is called NFC, which stands for near-field communication.

It’s the same type of chip in your debit or credit card. That chip needs power, but it draws it from the source that it’s connected to. It would be crazy if we had to recharge batteries for debit cards. NFC also offers encryption, just like when you use your card at a payment terminal, keeping security in mind.

These smart locks have been around but are just getting popular

These types of smart locks have been around for years. With any innovation, many companies stand back and wait to see if it’s a viable technology. In this case, NFC-activated smart locks appear to pass the test.

It’s not an instant solution. It can take a few seconds for an NFC-activated lock to open. It’s believed that over time these NFC chips will be even more efficient and allow for faster smart lock access. In the meantime, not worrying about your locks’ battery is a significant upgrade.

What does this mean for you?

If you use smart locks for your home, this is what Infineon’s chips could mean for you soon.

  • You can let guests in with access to your smart locks without worrying about them getting locked out.
  • You never have to charge a smart lock battery again.
  • Smart lock prices may decrease with this technology, making it more affordable to upgrade (batteries are expensive).
  • If Infineon lets other manufacturers use this chip, you won’t be confined to one brand.

The official release date for Infineon’s NAC chip is TBA. While there’s no official time frame for its release, it will change smart homes forever when it becomes available.

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