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Better Google search results
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This simple search trick turns up way better answers to your questions

You probably know how frustrating search engines can be. They often deliver vague answers, especially if you have a specific question. Your result might vary depending on your search engine, but most use Google.

Some tricks can deliver more informative answers, but that usually involves well-known shortcuts or knowing how Google’s Search algorithm works. However, there is a lesser-known way to deliver the goods nearly every time.

Read on to learn how to make your Google search results more informative so that you don’t waste time looking at wrong answers.

Here’s the backstory

Finding answers to specific questions isn’t always easy. Finding what you’re looking for can be challenging between spam posts, advertisements and just incorrect data.

For example, if you search for details on iPhone 14 (which we covered in this article), you’ll be bombarded with sponsored content, YouTube video links and more than a handful of websites with click-bait headlines.

Are people leaving Google search behind since it can be so frustrating? Blogger Dmitri Brereton wrote an essay on why Google Search is dying. More people might be turning to other platforms for how-tos and life hacks, but are flawed search results really Google’s fault?

The good news is there’s a trick you can use with Google search to get better results. All you need to do is incorporate Reddit into your query.

How to get better search results

Type your question into the Google search box, but add the word Reddit before you hit Enter. For example, the search term mentioned earlier should look like this: “is the latest iPhone 14 worth it Reddit.”

Instead of seeing search results from Google’s algorithm, you’ll see a bunch of posts from Reddit users. If you know anything about Reddit, there are tons of answers from people just like you. Tap or click here for our Reddit beginner’s guide.

Reddit communities (called subreddits) often discuss exactly what you want to know. By adding the word Reddit to your Google search, the first results you see will be from Reddit.

But you can use the trick even further to your advantage. The method also works with any other website. For example, when you search “is the latest iPhone 14 worth it,” the first results you see will be from

By using this technique to search for information, you easily separate all the sponsored posts from actual newsworthy sources. 

As Kim recently explained, Google search isn’t necessarily dying. “Google’s artificial intelligence still has the ability to determine what you’re looking for. But it’s having trouble balancing your search with all the ads thrown at you,” she said.

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