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Secret Netflix page where you can request TV shows and movies

Who isn’t addicted to Netflix at this point? It’s one of the most popular streaming services around and with good reason.

Not only does it stream some of the best Hollywood movies and TV shows, but it has a huge collection of originals to look forward too. I’m sure we’ve all spent many weekends binge-watching shows like “13 Reasons Why,” “Stranger Things” and “Black Mirror.”

But what happens when you’ve made it through all your favorites and don’t know what to watch next? There’s actually a very simple trick that lets you request TV shows and movies. Keep reading to learn how.

Most people don’t know about this trick

Netflix is aways looking for ways to may the service even better.  Just recently they added this new feature that parents are going to love.  But there have been some pretty cool features all along,

including a Netflix request page that many people may not even know exists. It’s hidden away in the Netflix Help Center, under a Quick Links section.

Once you find the link, click on it and it’ll open another page where you can request up to three TV shows or movies at a time. It looks like this:

Image: Netflix TV show and movie request form. (Source: Netflix)

This form is the one and only place you can submit content requests to Netflix. If you’re having trouble finding it, click here and you’ll be taken directly to the request form.

You only need to submit a request once. Netflix said that it keeps track of all requests from its members and there’s no need to ask for the same title more than one time.

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Remember the days of going to the store to rent your favorite movie? Then the disappointment when there were no copies available? Netflix sure fixed that problem and now is growing into a media giant. Movies, TV shows, original programming, all at your fingertips, whenever you want. But there’s more to Netflix than you might know!

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