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Save the date! Amazon Prime Day will last 2 whole days

Unlike any other company on Earth, Amazon is so big that it gets its own holiday! Ok, Prime Day isn’t a real holiday — but it might as well be, considering how momentous the occasion has become for online shoppers. One-of-a-kind deals pop up on Amazon during this special occasion, with special brand collaborations, product releases, and shipping promotions all included as part of the festivities.

This year, however, Amazon is doing things a little differently. Rather than containing Prime Day to just a single slot on the calendar, the company is expanding Prime Day from 24 hours to 48! That’s two whole days to get some of the steepest discounts on the internet, along with crazy-fast shipping and expanded delivery options.

With so many new things happening for Prime Day this year, you’ll want to know when it starts, what’s on sale, and the best ways you can take advantage of the summer’s biggest shopping event. We’ll be going over what we know about Amazon’s plans for this year’s Prime Day(s), and how you can save money when the time comes to splurge.

What’s new for Prime Day 2019?

Amazon’s Prime Day is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and the company is marking the occasion with some big changes. This year, Prime Day is getting some much-needed extended hours — stretching from midnight July 15th until midnight July 17th. That’s a 48-hour window for the best deals this side of Black Friday!


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As of right now, Amazon is being tight-lipped about most of the new promotions it’s launching for the occasion, but it has slipped a few details into its press release with hints of what’s to come.

Prime users can expect a range of exclusive offers and partnerships from big name brands and personalities, including Schwinn bikes and teen star JoJo Siwa. Amazon’s grocery subsidiary, Whole Foods, will also be joining the fun with some yet to be disclosed deals available in-store and online come Prime Day.

Big savings from big brands

Despite playing the specifics of Prime Day somewhat close to the chest, Amazon is starting to preview what some of the event’s deals will look like for users.

Specific Alexa enabled devices will receive heavy discounts from Amazon, such as the 43 inch Fire edition Toshiba Smart-TV. This device not only includes Fire TV services with access to streaming networks but comes with Alexa right out of the box!

Best of all, this deal is available right now, so you won’t even need to wait for Prime Day to get here to take advantage of the savings.

More news about deals and promotions will continue to roll out in the coming weeks as Prime Day approaches, so make sure to check Amazon frequently for more information.

How can I take advantage of all the deals on Prime Day?

An important thing to remember is that Prime Day savings are only available to Prime members, meaning you’ll need to sign up for the service in order to even “celebrate” Prime Day.

Thankfully, Amazon makes it easy to join, although it isn’t free. Prime memberships cost approximately $13 per month for normal users, or $119 annually, and around $7 per month for students. So the fees aren’t the cheapest compared to the cost of some monthly streaming services.

That said, you do get a number of exclusive features that you would ordinarily need to pay more for, such as one-day or two-day shipping. For Prime members, these expedited shipping times are just perks of membership, and well worth the cost of admission in most cases.

So if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, it might be worth doing so before mid-July. If you’re not sure what you want to buy — don’t worry! You have two days to decide, after all!

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