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Samsung’s new TV is controlled by your mind, not a remote

All of the innovative, groundbreaking technology never ceases to amaze me. Smartphones, tablets, robot vacuum cleaners and self-driving cars are just a few awe-inspiring inventions over the past few decades.

The great news is that developers aren’t stopping there. There’s always something new in the works that can help make life simpler.

That’s actually happening right now. Samsung is working on a new TV that can be controlled by your mind, not a remote.

Amazing new tech in the works

This is really cool and super helpful to those with disabilities! Samsung is teaming with scientists in Switzerland on some amazing new tech.

They are working on a new line of smart TVs that can be controlled with your mind, instead of a remote. It’s called “Project Pontis.”

The goal is to build software that would interact with the brain to change channels and adjust the volume of the television. Imagine how great this would be for people with movement disabilities.

There are already systems like this in place for other devices. Those systems use brain-monitoring sensors along with eye-tracking hardware to identify selections the person intends to make.

Project Pontis is trying to take the technology even further. The idea is to create a new system that only uses brainwaves to recognize adjustments the viewer wants to make. So you’d only need to think about turning the volume down and just like that, it’s lowered.

The project is in its early stages but Samsung hopes to have a prototype ready sometime next year. How cool is that!?

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