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Samsung reveals impressive new flagship phones at Unpacked event

The day has finally come, and Samsung has graced our screens — big and small — with the presence of its Samsung Unpacked 2019 event. This conference, hosted by Samsung itself, was intended to showcase its latest offerings like the upcoming Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and a few other surprises that we didn’t even see coming!

Not only was big news dropped on the product front, but Samsung also announced a new level of partnership with a famous computer company that plans to take brand synergy to the next level. Analysts are predicting a major new retail presence for Samsung, and this partner may very well be the vector it uses to make it happen.

Here are the latest updates from Samsung, as well as hints and details on its upcoming plans and developments. While we don’t know exactly when all of these changes will completely roll out, you can bet that we’re as excited as ever to see what tricks Samsung has left up its sleeves.

The Galaxy Note 10 makes a splash — or two!

It turns out one new phone wasn’t enough for Samsung at its Unpacked 2019 keynote — where it unveiled not one, but two new Galaxy Note 10 models. These new phones, dubbed the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, are designed to capture a wider segment of the market than Samsung is currently enjoying. And boy, did it sure bring its A-game when it comes to new features and options.

For starters, the Galaxy Note 10 proper is actually smaller than previous versions of the Note, while the Note 10 Plus carries on the tradition as Samsung’s flagship. According to Samsung, this allows them to deliver phones to customers who may be interested in the technological benefits of the Note series but don’t want as large of a display or price tag.

The phones themselves are sized at 6.3 inches and 6.8 inches respectively and include a cool new triple-lens camera, a minuscule bezel wrapping the display, and a much-improved pinhole front camera that barely stands out from the display. Compared with an iPhone, Apple’s infamous “camera notch” looks downright low-tech!

Other standout features include a much longer-lived battery, fast wireless charging, and a slew of new color options (including pink). In order to fit the new battery, however, the headphone jack was removed as previously rumored. Apple fans have been used to this change for years, but Samsung fans may want to start saving for a pair of wireless headphones before they order their Notes.

The Galaxy Note 10 starts at $949, with the Note 10 Plus starting at $1099. There is even an updated version with 5G compatibility that will futureproof your phone for when the new network infrastructure is finished. That model, the Note 10 Plus 5G, starts at $1299. The phones go on preorder August 8 and will be available for general retail on August 23.

More surprises from Samsung

On top of the freshly revealed Galaxy Note 10, Samsung brought a few other neat toys to the mix — including the company’s Galaxy Book S.

This slim laptop looks like an ordinary computer from the outside, but its interior contains a number of cues from smartphone design that leave it lighter weight and with stellar battery life. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Book S gets almost 24 hours of battery life on a single charge! It goes on sale this September for $999.

Another major announcement was the fact that Samsung is deepening its partnership with Microsoft. Yes, that  Microsoft!

According to CEO Satya Nadella, the idea is to create a real sense of compatibility between PCs and Samsung phones, as well as a support system on both a virtual and brick and mortar level. Soon, Microsoft Stores will be destination outlets to preorder, purchase, and get support for Galaxy phones — just like how Apple stores are for that company’s products.

Interestingly, there was absolutely no mention of the infamous Galaxy Fold — not even a brief shout-out. While Samsung is standing by its upcoming fall release window for the Galaxy Fold, the lack of discussion doesn’t exactly paint a good picture for the ill-fated device.

Ultimately, we’ll wait and see what the verdict is when all three phones make their debut in the wild this coming fall. But as we’ve seen from Samsung, the final products should at least be intriguing enough to convince fans to give the new handsets a try.

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