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Samsung Smart TV security flaw leaves it open to hackers

Do you own a smart TV? If so, you must be careful about criminals hacking into it and using it to access other devices on your home network.

It turns out that your smart TV could be letting hackers in with very little effort. Security researchers tested a popular TV brand and found that hackers can take control of your device.

If you own a Samsung smart TV, be careful. Researchers tested TVs using its Tizen operating system. They found that there are minimal security features to keep criminals out.

Instead of requiring a password or PIN to get in, for instance, Samsung smart TVs only need to recognize your devices’ media access control addresses. Your devices each have a unique MAC address.

Yet, hackers with basic tech knowledge can find your devices’ MAC addresses. Then, by accessing your home’s Wi-Fi, they can trick your Samsung smart TV into thinking it’s giving access to your devices.

A hacker could access your TV’s remote control. That may be as far as they could get. However, it could be a gateway to your home network.

Worse, Samsung has done little to help its smart TV owners to be safe. When the security company Neseso told Samsung about this smart TV flaw, they didn’t step up. So, Neseso did. They told Samsung smart TV users to disable Wi-Fi Direct.

Which makes you wonder why you bought a pricey smart TV in the first place. Try this: If you have a Samsung smart TV, go to Settings and disable Wi-Fi Direct.

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