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Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales discounts

Amazon wants to be your back-to-school shopping source as Prime Day nears

The countdown has begun, and Amazon Prime Day begins in just two weeks from now. Look for even an even bigger event this year, as it’s been expanded to two whole days.

If you don’t want to wait for those big sales, you don’t necessarily have to. Amazon has various offers leading up to Prime Day as other major retailers prepare their own big sales to compete.

Now, Amazon has something else up its sleeve and wants to help with your back-to-school shopping. That effort launches today.

Amazon’s plan for back-to-school shopping

On Monday, Amazon opened a new online storefront called “Happy School Year.” Meant for parents, students and teachers, Amazon boasts that everything from school supplies to clothes is all included in one convenient location for back-to-school shopping. It makes sense from a business standpoint, as Amazon says it sold millions of pencils and pens during Prime Day last year.

When you visit the deals section of the new school shopping store, you’ll definitely see a wide variety of products. There are sales on computer components, pencils, socks, and for the grown-ups, you’ll find discounts on products like coffeemakers and even mascara.

These deals are of course subject to change and you might consider keeping Prime Day in mind before getting everything on your list right now. You can check out the “Happy School Year” store by tapping or clicking here.

More early Prime Day deals

As we inch closer to Prime Day, Amazon is discounting some of its own products. For instance, you can save $100 on the Fire TV Recast right now as long as you’re a Prime member.

If you can wait a few days, you can save $80 on a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Echo Dot as well. After the discount that begins on July 8, the bundle will cost $169.




You’ll also find discounts on Amazon Music, Prime Video, Audible, Kindle Unlimited and other Amazon brands leading up to Prime Day. And Prime members who spend $10 at Whole Foods Market beginning on July 3 will get a $10 credit to use for Prime Day. Read more about “Happy School Year” and Prime Day 2019 by tapping or clicking here.

Google is offering its own discounts

When Amazon does something, other retailers take notice. That’s why Walmart, Target and eBay are preparing their own competing sales to take on Prime Day. You can read more about their efforts by tapping or clicking here.

Now, Google is getting in on the action by discounting a number of its Nest products, including smart speakers. For example, it’s discounted the Google Nest Hub from $129 to $79 although other retailers have recently been selling it for as low as $60.

The Google Home Mini, about the same size as an Amazon Echo Dot, is also 50% off at $25. View Google’s sales by tapping or clicking here.

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