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Pregnant mothers can 3-D print an eerily life-like model of their unborn child so they can hold it before birth

Being a first-time parent is arguably the scariest thing anyone ever goes through. No matter how much you prepare, you cannot truly be ready to hold your child for the very first time.

At that moment your mind races, thinking about your new responsibilities and what the future will bring. Are you ready to raise a child? What will they grow up to be? When will the next time you get a full night’s sleep be?

Most of the questions cannot be answered, at least not then. The future is what we make of it, but it will happen one step at a time. The most important thing you can do the first time you hold your baby is not drop them and now, with the help of 3-D printing, you can practice with a life-like model of your child.

It’s helpful…and at least a little creepy

In fairness, the chance to hold your baby before they are born is probably really helpful. It should help calm some nerves as you get a chance to look into your child’s eyes. The realism of the model will go a long way toward helping you get comfortable with the idea of actually having the baby resting in your arms.

Made by a Russian company called Embryo 3D, the life-like models are created by using ultrasound images, which are then used to build a three-dimensional fetus with impeccable detail. The main focus is on facial features and the shape and formation of fingers and toes.

Along with getting to hold “your baby” for the first time, the model can help detect any physical deformities that may be present.

3-D photos just aren’t enough

That, actually, is why the first one was created. Ivan Gridin, who founded the company that makes them, said he had a friend who was concerned for the health of their unborn child. Not satisfied with what a regular ultrasound image can show, he decided to give 3-D printing a shot.

Made with great detail, the models, which were initially printed in plastic but have since been made with plaster and can even be covered with metal, give expectant parents a chance to touch and hold their unborn child. While that may seem a bit weird, in a lot of ways it could prove to be very beneficial.

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