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Police dog sniffs out hidden USB of high school hacker

We are used to stories about the heroism of police dogs. Whether they are helping police arrest a criminal or sniffing out drugs and bombs, they truly are man’s best friend.

When you really think about it, it is pretty amazing how well trained the dogs are. Nevermind how they perform their duties with a wagging tail, but also just the sheer volume of tasks they can help with.

For instance, did you know some police dogs can also help find cybercriminals? Because they can, which is how one high school kid in San Francisco got busted.

You aren’t getting anything past the dog

It happened at Ygnacio Valley High School, which is located in the Bay Area suburb of Concord. The student, who is not being named on account of being a minor, was accused of hacking into the computers to change grades.

Some were boosted, while others were dropped. In total, 16 students’ grades were impacted.

The hacker was able to enter the school’s computer system by way of a phishing expedition that appeared to be from the school district’s site. It asked them to log in and refresh their passwords, which one of the teachers did.

Upon capturing the teacher’s login information, they were able to enter the system and change the grades. The perfect crime it was not, however, as they left an electronic trail that led police to their house.

From there, Doug (the dog) was able to locate an incriminating USB drive that was hidden in a box of tissues.

Electronics sniffing dogs are rare, but not new

This is not the first time a police dog has helped solve a crime by sniffing out electronic devices, but there is a reason you have not heard too many stories about it. According to Concord Police, Doug is one of a few K-9s who is trained to sniff out hidden electronics on their staff.

As electronics continue to play a larger role in our lives, however, more are joining their ranks. Similar to other police dogs, certain breeds are better for it than others.

Before you think about having an electronics-sniffing dog yourself, know that not only do you need to find the right kind of dog — bloodline matters as much as breed — but once you do, you’ll have to get a trainer who can teach it properly.

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