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Own a video doorbell? Watch out for thieves

Video doorbells are supposed to be the future of home security. They allow us to see what’s going on outside our front door, whether we’re at home or far away.

Thieves are supposed to see this kind of security system and be deterred. But what happens when criminals get a little too bold with your tech?

Recently, thieves have been caught on camera stealing the video doorbells themselves. Whether they’re setting the stage for a later attack or actually wanted the doorbell, the truth is these devices may not be as deterring as we thought. Here’s what you need to know to protect your video doorbell and your home.

What to do when your video doorbell is stolen by thieves

Video doorbells come from various manufacturers, but the two most popular platforms are Ring and Nest. These devices offer a subscription service that streams your camera’s video feed to a cloud storage account. Make sure to hold on to any videos that arise from a theft, as they can be evidence in potential criminal cases.

If thieves take your video doorbell, the first thing you’ll want to do is notify the police. This puts your incident on record and provides you with a police report while law enforcement investigates.

This report is key to getting a replacement device, by the way. Both Ring and Nest offer free replacements if you contact customer service and provide your police report. The replacements are like-for-like, which means they’re the same kind of device you originally owned and arrive shortly after the date of approval.

If your manufacturer isn’t either of these companies, it’s still worth contacting customer service for your device to see what policies they might offer.

How to prevent thieves from stealing your video doorbell

Prevention is the best form of cure, after all. To deter thieves from stealing your video doorbell, you’ll want to go out of your way to make it as inconvenient for them as possible.

One of the best steps you can take is making sure your doorbell is mounted and appropriately secured to your door. The more sturdy your attachment is, the harder a thief will have to work to remove it.

The process of removing it will be obvious to neighbors and bystanders, and most aspiring criminals won’t want to waste their time on something likely to get them caught.

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