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Over-eager smart ovens are turning themselves on overnight

Not all smart devices are created equal. We’re hearing about one brand of smart oven that is turning itself on overnight.

For the most part, smart kitchen gadgets and appliances have been a boon. But when they don’t work the way they’re supposed to it can be cause for worry.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you why this smart oven is acting up and what to look out for if you’re converting your home into a smart home.

Smart oven turns itself on

Some owners of the June Oven are reporting that the smart appliance is turning itself on overnight. Sounds dangerous, but so far there have been no reports of injuries or damage.

Still, it’s a bit disconcerting. One June Oven owner told The Verge that the oven turned on at 1:20 a.m. and baked at 425 degrees for four hours. That doesn’t sound right.

The June Oven, which resembles a regular toaster oven, uses sensors and cameras to identify food and cook it accordingly. When the first version of the oven debuted in 2016 it cost almost $1,500. The second-generation of the June Oven costs about $700.

Its pre-heat function can be controlled remotely by a smartphone. June states that user error is to blame for the ovens turning themselves on at odd hours.

The company hopes to fix the issue through a software update that will allow users to disable the pre-heat feature on their smartphones. June also stated that it plans to add a feature that uses the oven’s sensors and cameras to detect when there isn’t any food in the oven and shut itself down.

It’s interesting to note that two of June Oven’s competitors, Tovala and Brava, told The Verge that while their ovens turn off automatically when an item is cooked they must still be turned on manually.

Smart cooking devices transform kitchens

There are smart full-size ovens, Wi-Fi-operated grills, Alexa-controlled microwaves. Cooking has never been easier.

But as the June Oven shows, there can be a downside to smartening up every device, not just in your kitchen but also in your entire home. New devices may not operate as they’re supposed to, as with the June Oven.

Now think of this: You’ve bought a home whose former owners converted it into a smart home. To be safe, you should make sure that the previous owners no longer have access to the home’s devices.

If you’re considering bringing another smart gadget into your home, we suggest you do your homework first. Particularly, look into the security and privacy features of the device or appliance.

Finally, don’t forget to take steps to secure your entire home network. This includes such things as changing your router password and securing all the Wi-Fi networks in your home.

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