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Our favorite data management app just got better

In this modern age of smartphones and mobile computing, aside from battery power and protection from the elements, another main thing we have to manage carefully is data usage while on the go.

There are unlimited mobile data plans available, of course, but those have limits too. Most of us don’t need that much data anyway so we still opt for the cheaper data-capped plans instead.

But accidents can happen when you’re on the go. A streaming movie here, a few YouTube videos there, a music streaming app left to play overnight, and your data can evaporate faster than you realize.

Instead of hunting for free public WiFi hotspots whenever you’re out and about to save on data usage (which has its share of security risks), just being mindful of your data consumption habits can go a long way.

Thankfully, there are apps that can help you manage and control your mobile data usage more reliably. And our favorite data management app for Android, called Datally, just got better.

Read on and learn about Datally’s two new data-saving features you can use now.

What is Datally?

Available only for Android, Datally helps people better understand, control and save their data.

By limiting what certain apps were able to do as well as providing you with metrics and personalized recommendations and helping to find Wi-Fi, it has done a good job so far.

Millions of people have given it a shot, with the average user saving around 21 percent of their mobile data.

Two new features

Emergency Bank – Datally’s new Emergency Bank lets you allot a portion of your data for emergencies. Simply enter your data balance then enter how much data you’d like to reserve for emergencies — to send an SOS message or for a rideshare cab, for example. Datally will then automatically block your other apps from consuming data when you reach the emergency allotment.

Bedtime Mode  Bedtime Mode is another new useful feature that stops apps from draining your data overnight. It does this by shutting off all of your phone’s data usage at night. To set this up, just select your bedtime and wake up times and Datally will do the rest.


Both of these new Datally features, Emergency Bank and Bedtime Mode, are available now.

Standard Features

Here are Datally’s other standard features that are a huge help in managing mobile data.

Daily limit – You know how much data is available to you each month, and therefore can set a budget. With Daily limit, you set a maximum amount that can be spent per day and then will receive warnings as you are close to surpassing it.

Along with that, you can also choose to block data for the rest of the day or, if you want, plow through your pre-set limit.

Unused apps – A big drain on our data is apps that often times are running in the background without our knowledge. What’s worse is that a good number of the apps that use our data are those that we don’t open much at all.

This feature shows you apps that you are not using but are still taking up data. It will then let you, with just a single tap, uninstall any data-hogging app that you are no longer using.

WiFi map – The best way to avoid using data is to be on a wireless network, and Datally will show you all of them that are nearby. Now, that won’t help you if the networks are password protected, but there are also plenty of them that are free and open to the public.

Guest mode – Google offers this feature, which is extremely helpful for anyone who lets others borrow their phone. Guest Mode will let you set a specific amount of data that you are OK with another person using, helping to limit the amount of data damage someone else could cause you.

Hopping onto one of them will help keep your data usage down without you sacrificing anything.

Ready to trim down your mobile data usage? Click here to download Datally for Android.

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