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Next major Windows 10 update coming soon

Last April was a big one for Windows 10. Microsoft finally released its major Windows 10 Creators Update and it added a ton of useful features. Soon, Microsoft is expected to add more exciting new features with its big follow-up update for Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update.

And finally, we now have the exact date for the release of this next free Windows 10 major update. That day will be October 17.

The news was confirmed by Microsoft during the IFA conference in Berlin. And like the major Windows 10 Creators Update released earlier this year, the Fall Creators Update will deliver welcome improvements and features to the more than 500 million Windows 10 computers worldwide.

Note: Along with the release date of the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft also announced that the update will finally roll out support for a selection of inexpensive sub-$300 virtual reality headsets from a variety of manufacturers via the Windows Mixed Reality package.

Here are the other few highlights of the update we spotted on the Insider Builds and are all expected to roll out with the Fall Creators update:

Windows Fluent Design System

The Fluent Design System for Windows 10 is being introduced. This was previously known as Project Neon and seems to be influenced by Google’s Material Design. Microsoft’s operating system will now include elements of transparency and animation that it previously lacked. The Fluent Design System is expected to look cleaner and fit better on the display than before. Some additional user interface touches will bring the desktop to life.

Windows Adaptive Shell

According to reports, Microsoft is creating an “adaptive shell” that will work and modify itself across devices. This new shell is codenamed “Composable Shell” or “CSHELL” and this same shell is capable of scaling the Windows 10 user environment according to the platform.

Basically, this is similar to the Continuum shell that already provides a consistent experience across Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets. With CSHELL, it may run and scale on Windows 10 Mobile, the Xbox One, and HoloLens, as well.

Link your laptop to your Android smartphone

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is an operating system for laptops and PCs. Windows has never been a great OS for smartphones. Microsoft has openly acknowledged that it needs to do a better job of working on your smartphone.

This new feature, called Cross-Device Web Browsing, is a step in the right direction. To share a link from your Android device to your Windows 10 laptop or PC: From your computer, go to Settings >> Phone and link your phone >> from your Android phone, open the text message link called Microsoft Apps.

Bonus: Windows 10 tips only the power users know

Web results without opening browser

Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, responds to your voice or typed queries. “Cortana, where is the closest McDonald’s?”

Now, Cortana will give you faster answers for some questions. Instead of opening your web browser to provide the answers, the Cortana pane will expand, showing your results.

Bonus: You can now ask Cortana to turn off your laptop, restart it, lock it and sign out of Windows.

Faster boot-up

One of Windows’ worst problems has always been its sluggish start-up time. These days, when we’re all so accustomed to our smartphones and tablets quickly opening, it can feel like an eternity for your laptop to start up.

Microsoft has been working to improve its boot-up experience with Windows 10. That’s continuing with the Fall Creators Update.

Eye Control

There’s also a big new feature called Eye Control and it allows you to operate an on-screen keyboard, mouse, and text-to-speech using only your eyes.

If this sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, well you’re right. This means you can control the mouse cursor by merely moving your eyes around or interact with a user interface icon by simply staring at it until it activates.

New Login Options

The Fall Creators update also introduces an “I forgot my password” option below the password field on the login page. Windows Hello and PIN code users can also access this password reset link by going to “other options.”

Once you start the password recovery process by clicking “I forgot my password,” a wizard with Cortana will guide you throughout the whole process.

Although this sounds like a minor change and it still requires another gadget for verification, this is more simple and quicker than the current password recovery system, which still requires you to reset your password entirely on another device.

New feature for OneDrive

OneDrive is set to receive a major upgrade when the Fall Creators Update is released. Being called “Files On-Demand,” the tool will give users additional control options for cloud and local storage options. This feature will be perfect for anyone who needs access to their files and folders on the go since everything will be available even if you haven’t synced your device to your computer in a while.

Other new features

Other notable improvements include a more modern look for Microsoft Edge, which was also inspired by the “Fluent Design System.” Microsoft said that the “use of Acrylic material provides depth and transparency to the tab bar and other controls, and we’ve improved button animations to feel more responsive and delightful.”

Some other new features of the OS will include the ability to resume sessions on multiple gadgets, a cloud-based clipboard and an overhaul of the Task View area.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17? Drop us a comment!

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