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Amazon is delivering in new ways

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you probably love the free 2 day shipping. But there’s many more benefits that you might not know about.

Check out these nine great Amazon Prime perks that you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Even though deliveries are already an Amazon’s specialty, it’s always looking to make it better.

And there a a couple changes in the works that might completely change the way we think about online shopping. The second one seems a little unbelievable.

Pick your own Amazon delivery day

Possibly the biggest plague with online shopping these days is porch pirates. You know, those horrible people who drive around the neighborhood looking for packages that were left at someone’s door so they can rip them off. (PssT! Click or tap here for 6 tricks to keep packages from being stolen.)

One thing making things worse is, shoppers don’t have much control over deliveries. You place an order and the package shows up when it shows up.

So if you’re at work when that new iPad gets dropped off at the front door, there’s a chance a porch pirate will get their grubby hands on it. That’s the kind of thing Amazon is trying to stop.

Which is why it just launched a new feature for Prime members called Amazon Day.

How to set up your Amazon Day

The next time you go to make a purchase, you will see a new “Choose your Amazon Day” button at checkout under the Review items and shipping section. Select that option to choose the default day that packages will be delivered. That means you can schedule deliveries for days you know someone will be home, cutting down the chance of theft.

Monday through Saturday are your options. Sunday is the only day you can’t pick.

Once you’ve chosen the day that works best, you can order items throughout the week and select Amazon Day delivery in checkout. Your items will be delivered on that day, every week. If possible, Amazon will put multiple orders in the same box, which can also help cut back on clutter.

But if there is an order that you need right away, you don’t have to choose Amazon Day. You will still see the other delivery options, like one-day, two-day, or two-hour where available.

Amazon Day isn’t the only delivery feature in the works. This next one sounds a little out there.

Would you let the Amazon robot live with you?

If you really want to step into the future, check out this patent that Amazon recently had approved. It speaks of autonomous ground vehicles (AGV) that are used to retrieve items from delivery trucks.

(Image source: U.S. patent no.: 10,216,188 B2)

Basically, you would have a robot-type AGV living with you. Whenever you order something from Amazon, it goes out on its own to pick up the package. It will meet the Amazon delivery truck at specific locations.

The AGV may be owned by a single user, or by a community of users. For instance, if you live in an apartment complex, there could be one stationed there for everyone in the community to use.

This is still in the developmental stage, so who knows when or if it will actually become reality. But it’s a pretty cool delivery system, wouldn’t ya say?

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