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New tech can make batteries last “forever”

You are probably familiar with Nikola Tesla’s experimentations with wireless power. He had truly revolutionary ideas about electrical transmission that could’ve radically changed the course of history. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of investments and financial troubles, his dreams of powering the world with wireless electricity did not pan out.

However, Tesla’s ideas endure and modern-day inventors and engineers are attempting to carry his torch. There are current “wireless” charging options out there, such as the Qi system, but it’s really quite a stretch to call them “true” wireless charging.

Now, Qi charging might become a thing of the past very soon. True wireless charging might have been a pipe dream for decades but Ossia’s new “Forever Battery” technology is making that dream a reality.

The Forever Battery

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Ossia unveiled what could very well be the world’s first wireless charging AA batteries. It all sounds like sorcery but Ossia claims that its wireless charging technology is now within reach of the average consumer. This can definitely revolutionize how we power up our gadgets, folks.

Dubbed the “Forever Battery,” it charges via embedded antennas within the battery’s housing, which then receive concentrated radio frequencies from a nearby transmitter (called the Cota transmitter). These signals are then converted into usable energy by the battery’s internal electronics.



Unlike the Qi system, the current standard for “wireless” charging used by smartphones and other devices, Ossia’s Cota technology does not require you to lay your gadget on a charging mat. It is true wireless charging and it can juice up multiple gadgets from a distance of up to 30 feet. In fact, Ossia compares its charging system to how Wi-Fi routers work.

Imagine the real-world possibilities! You can simply install a transmitter in a room, pop Ossia’s batteries in your appliances – remotes, smoke detectors, thermostats, smart locks or your kids’ toys – and you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time. It’s like they are perpetually topped up with power!

And Ossia promises that the AA batteries are just an introduction. It is planning on bringing the technology to other gadgets that require power as well. Hopefully, it can bring its true wireless charging technology to smartphones, laptops, and tablets soon, too.

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Other distance wireless charging technologies are on their way

It’s not just Ossia that’s poised to bring true wireless charging to the masses. A company called Energous is also making headway with its WattUp wireless charging system and its tech is now FCC certified. It was even rumored that Apple is involved with Energous in one way or another. Like Ossia’s Cota technology, Energous’ WattUp uses small antennae to transfer electrical energy over fairly long distances.

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