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New router feature you are going to LOVE

Is your Wi-Fi network plagued with slowdowns or dropouts especially at times when a number of mobile gadgets connect to it? Or maybe it bogs down when everyone in your home starts streaming video?

If this is the case then you will appreciate this new router that was recently launched. It has all the bells and whistles newer routers ought to have. And then some.

Note: Before you go out and buy a new router, check this tip out and learn why your Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping.

Linksys EA8300

Linksys recently introduced its tri-band AC Wi-Fi router, the Linksys AC2200 Tri-Band MU-MIMO Router (EA8300), and it’s packed with great features including four antennas that support MU-MIMO, beamforming and Linksys’ new 5GHz load balancing technology that you’re going to love – band steering.

5Ghz Band Steering

The EA8300 has Linksys’ own band steering technology enabled by default. Band steering will mostly benefit homes and offices with numerous roaming mobile gadgets that connect to the network.

On this new router, band steering will pair its two 5GHz bands together as one connection. Band steering will then load balance and direct 5GHz gadgets to connect to the band that has the best speed.

This is great when you move your 5GHz Wi-Fi gadget around your house, band steering will ensure that it will always have the best connection possible.

Combining the two 5GHz bands doesn’t mean double the speed, though. It just means the router will be more efficient when handling the data load.

Also, wired connections and stationary appliances like desktop computers, smart TVs or game consoles will not see any added benefits with this type of band steering, it is meant for portable gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

If your home has more stationary gadgets than mobile ones, then disabling band steering and opting for two separate 5GHz bands, in conjunction with the 2.4GHz may be the better option. This way, older gadgets can connect to the 2.4GHz band, media streaming on one 5GHz band and gaming on another.

MU-MIMO technology

The EA8300 also supports Multi-user, Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MU-MIMO) technology, which allows greater network speeds and efficiency.

Basically, what this means is that instead of having the router communicate and direct traffic one gadget at a time, the EA8300 will use its four antennas (two single bands and two dual-bands) to connect and direct traffic to multiple gadgets simultaneously.

Imagine a grocery checkout lane – traditional routers only have one cashier taking one customer at a time, regardless of the number of checkout lanes. The EA8300 will use its four antennas to essentially have six checkout lanes – two antennas (two “checkout lanes”) with one cashier each and the other two antennas will have two cashiers each. Now, that’s more efficient than having one poor cashier handling all the customers!

Powerful Specs

Other hardware goodies include a 716MHz quad-core processor, 256MB of system memory and 256MB of internal storage (for firmware updates).

The EA8300 also rocks five Gigabit Ethernet ports (4 for WAN, 1 for LAN) and a USB 3.0 port for connecting external peripherals like a file storage drive for network file shares.

Software perks include Amazon Alexa voice command control,  Airtime Fairness (slower gadgets won’t slow down your other faster gadgets), beamforming and router management via the Linksys app.

The Linksys AC2200 Tri-Band MU-MIMO Router (EA8300) is now available for $200 at the Linksys site and other online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. It will arrive in brick and mortar stores like Walmart and Office Depot in May.

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