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New CSI-style algorithm sharpens blurry photos like never before

Maybe you have seen a dialogue similar to this in an episode of CSI. “That license plate photo is blurry, enhance. I can’t make out that man’s face, enhance.” What if you had technology that could improve the resolution of photos with the click of a button?

It sounds like sci-fi. Something straight out of “Blade Runner.” But with the utilization of new AI (artificial intelligence) technology, CSI-style photo enhancement technology is right around the corner.

AI Rapidly Improving Photo Enhancement Technology

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen have used artificial intelligence to create high definition versions of low-resolution images. Researchers refer to this technology as SISR (Single Image Super-Resolution), which has been around for decades. Only now with our advancements in artificial intelligence, scientists are making significant strides forward.

The algorithm is extremely complicated and constantly improving itself by scanning through hundreds of thousands of images. It uses the information to extrapolate texture patterns to which it can add pixels in order to reproduce into new high-quality images. Researchers then show the AI the original photo in high resolution, and it learns where it made its mistakes. The AI learns from its mistakes to improve itself just like us.

AI has revolutionized many industries, and now with advancements in SISR technology, AI can help us create even higher resolution images.

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