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@Sun Dayong/Penda China

New Batman-like tech kills coronavirus on the spot

COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, has been spreading fear across the globe faster than the virus is spreading itself. There has been such a panic that stores aren’t able to keep hand sanitizer on their shelves and bottles are being sold by third parties online for up to $100. Crazy, right?

Overpriced hand sanitizer isn’t the only way people are being ripped off over fears of the coronavirus. Cybercriminals have been using the illness to trick people into falling for scams. Tap or click here to avoid being victimized by coronavirus phishing attacks.

In a world full of misinformation and hoaxes, where can we turn for answers? Batman. The answer should always be Batman.

The caped crusader to the rescue

The coronavirus is something to be taken seriously, as there have been more than 92,000 cases globally confirmed. There have also been more than 3,100 total deaths related to the virus.

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One of the early theories on how people were getting infected with coronavirus was from eating bat soup. This rumor started thanks to a viral video of a Chinese influencer eating, no kidding, a soup with a whole boiled bat in it.

Due to theories that the disease arose from an exotic meat market, people on the web put two and two together and assumed this incident was the start of the spread. The video wound up being from a few years ago, so it wasn’t actually ground zero for the virus as speculated.

But speaking of bats, an interesting fact is they have a unique ability to stay immune to stuff like the coronavirus. Now, a Chinese architect has used bats as inspiration for the design of a costume that supposedly kills the coronavirus.

It’s called Be a Batman and was designed by Dayong Sun. The wearable suit has a frame that is shaped like bat wings and can be worn like a backpack. Its thermoplastic material encases the user and creates a personal bubble, which is intended to protect them from the virus.

The suit also has UV lights that heat up to temperatures that are supposed to be high enough to kill any pathogens in the air. This supposedly results in a sterilized environment, keeping the person wearing it safe from the coronavirus. Here’s a glimpse of what the getup looks like:

Sun Dayong/Penda China

What do you think? Looks a little eggstreme wouldn’t ya say?

The Batman-like suit has more problems than making a horrible fashion statement. The World Health Organization stated UV lamps should not be used in areas where skin is exposed because this type of radiation can cause irritation and potentially lead to skin cancer.

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Don’t worry though, we probably won’t see any caped crusaders roaming the earth anytime soon. The Be a Batman suit is still in the development stages and Dayong Sun is looking for investors.

In the meantime, follow advice from trusted organizations like the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control. And stay up to date on further developments that could affect you and your community.

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