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New Amazon Alexa skills: Celebrate love, play the Sims and more

Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, romance — how do you remember to celebrate love? Don’t worry, like every good assistant would be, Alexa is here to help. No one would fault you for using Alexa to keep love alive at home, would they?

On top of the numerous things the virtual assistant can assist you with around the house, now Alexa can help make holidays like Valentine’s Day memorable.

Amazon is constantly updating Alexa’s skills to make her more efficient and useful.

What’s new with Amazon’s Alexa?

This week added skills include some for the upcoming holiday, a Sims skill, and now she can beatbox like a pro. Keep reading to find out more.

Here is a list of Alexa skills that were recently added:

  • “Alexa, play me a love podcast.”
  • “Alexa, what movies are playing this weekend?”
  • “Alexa, can you beatbox?”
  • “Alexa, sing a love song.”
  • “Alexa, open Angel Investor.”
  • “Alexa, what are some flower shops nearby?”
  • “Alexa, play Alicia Keys on Amazon Music.”
  • “Alexa, open Song Quiz.”
  • “Alexa, announce Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  • “Alexa, how many days until Red Sox opening day?”
  • “Alexa, tell me a love story.”
  • “Alexa, what was the last book in the Jack Reacher series?”
  • “Alexa, who is Cupid?”
  • “Alexa, play the Sims.”
  • “Alexa, tell me a Valentine’s Day joke.”

If you’re using Alexa to listen to music, don’t forget about these helpful skills:

  • “Alexa, turn it up.”
  • “Alexa, what song is this?”
  • “Alexa, play more music like this on Amazon Music.”

That’s what’s new with Alexa for now. Check back with each week to find out what else is being added to Alexa’s skills.

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