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New Alexa skill could save your life

People used to dream about robot secretaries. Futurists imagined a world where computers obeyed our every command. When the Amazon Echo hit the market, that dream became a reality.

Alexa was obedient, personable and all knowing. She could carry out a myriad of basic tasks using added skills, with a personality as professional and unflappable as a human assistant.

Now, a new skill has been added that might just save your life.

Great Alexa skill for emergencies

We’re talking about the Ask My Buddy skill available for Alexa equipped devices.

There are times in life when we’re home alone. If you’re ever in an emergency situation, like you’ve fallen and hurt yourself, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to make it to your phone to call for help.

That’s where the Ask My Buddy skill comes in. It enables Alexa to send a “check on me” notification to your own Personal Alert Network, simply by speaking.

If you need help, Ask My Buddy lets you immediately alert someone in your network that you need them to check on you. You have the choice of alerting just one contact or everyone on your list.

Just say, “Alexa, Ask My Buddy to alert Your Contact” or “Alexa, Ask My Buddy to alert everyone.” It will immediately send an alert, notifying them to check on you ASAP. Alerts can be sent via text message, email, and even a voice phone call.

(Note: Ask My Buddy isn’t a substitute for 911 emergency services, but rather an additional tool to ensure help is on the way.)

There are two steps to setting up Ask My Buddy.

  1. Click here to set up your account.
  2. Enable and Link Accounts in the Alexa companion app.

When you sign up, the default account is Plan A and is free. It comes with 10 alert messages per month and lets you set up five contacts.

There are two options that cost money. Plan B is $43.92 annually and Plan C is $60 annually. Those plans come with more monthly alerts and some other bells and whistles, but the free plan should be enough.

Once you’ve signed up for your account, select your contacts for your Personal Alert Network. Also, let them know that they are part of your network so they know how to respond if they get an alert. It’s that easy.

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