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Netflix’s new feature makes binge watching even easier

One of the most fun parts about Netflix is the ability to binge-watch. Before the advent of streaming video, binge watching was a luxury afforded only to those willing to shell out for expensive DVD and Blu-Ray sets. Now, anyone with a streaming box and an internet connection can do it. Times do change, sure enough, and tech only makes it easier to stay entertained.

But the fun hasn’t stopped at Netflix, and the company only continues to push the envelope in terms of streaming content. A new feature is debuting for Netflix subscribers that automatically shows you what’s new and upcoming to the platform, with alerts to let you know when it’s time to tune in. This will make it even easier to binge watch new seasons of your favorite shows, or discover something new.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, here’s the latest on this fun new feature, as well as when you can try it on your very own streaming boxes.

Netflix’s “Latest” tab puts new and coming attractions front-and-center

Netflix announced on Twitter this week that they would be unrolling a new feature to subscribers that puts the latest offerings from the platform right at users’ fingertips. This new area of Netflix called “Latest” displays new arrivals to the platform, as well as upcoming shows and movies complete with previews, information and release dates.

Previously, you’d have to either have an upcoming show recommended to you, or seek it out for yourself to see more information. Now, you’ll be able to navigate to the “Latest” tab and instantly have access to the best new content in one place.

Best of all, you can even subscribe to your shows of choice for notifications about upcoming releases, so the viewing party can keep on rolling once new episodes make their way to the streaming service.

How can I get access to Netflix’s “Latest” tab?

Right now, Netflix is aiming for a target date of Monday,  Sept. 2 for the new feature to make its way to subscribers. If you have a streaming box or watch Netflix on a smart TV or game console, you won’t have to do anything to get it.

The feature should appear on its own on the target date. If you don’t see it by then, you may need to reboot your device so it can establish a fresh connection to Netflix. Simply turn your device off, wait one minute, and reboot to refresh Netflix. The option should now appear in the navigation bar.

If you primarily watch Netflix on a mobile device, all you’ll need to do on that day is update the app. If your device is set to automatically update apps, the changes may already be there. If not, simply open either the iOS App Store or Google Play and search for Netflix. The page will show you if an update is available.

It’s fascinating how easy it is for major platforms to unroll such big changes in such a short amount of time. And thankfully for us, we’ve got loads of new entertainment to enjoy out of the process. Who wants some popcorn?

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