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Netflix has thousands of hidden categories, here’s the list

Netflix has tons of content and every subscriber knows it could be a bit tricky finding that perfect movie or TV show to watch a night away. The recommendations on our Netflix profiles do a decent job of giving us options but they’re not perfect. We sometimes spend more time browsing through these suggestions than doing actual watching.

To pin down that perfect movie for that rainy afternoon, you may have heard of and used the secret codes that are used for finding Netflix’s secret categories. These codes are convenient tools for narrowing your options down to a specific sub-genre you’re interested in.

It’s a great way of finding obscure Netflix movies that you won’t otherwise find on your profile’s recommended list. For example, you can track down the numerical code to find “Cerebral French-Language Movies from the 1950s” or “Irreverent Independent Mockumentaries” if you so desire.

Read on and I’ll show you where you can find these hidden codes.

Secret Netflix codes

Using these codes is straightforward enough. Just point your web browser to “” followed by the numerical code for the sub-genre you want. For example, to find “Asian Action Movies” (code 77232) type in “”

That little number at the end is the genre code, and you can pull up a lot of different genres just by changing it. Here is a list of codes we’ve found online for various categories:

  • 46576 – Classic Action & Adventure
  • 9584 – Spy Action & Adventure
  • 7700 – Westerns
  • 5507 – Animal tales
  • 67673 – Disney
  • 11177 – TV Cartoons
  • 32473 – Classic foreign movies
  • 1402 – Late night comedies
  • 10256 – Slapstick comedies
  • 10005 – Religious documentaries
  • 7018 – Political documentaries
  • 6384 – Tearjerkers

Just from this sample, you can see that there are several different sub-genres you won’t find from browsing through the main menu.

If you want to see an extended list of these secret Netflix codes, they’re all posted on this site.

It’s easier to navigate to a specific category with this site too. As long as they’re logged in the browser, Netflix subscribers can simply click on a genre on this page and they’ll be directed straight to that Netflix category page.

Note: iOS and Android users need to open these links in a separate tab on the mobile browser, instead of the Netflix app.

More options

Understandably, with the amount of Netflix alternate genres (about 27,000!), digging through them can be tedious and time-consuming. To make life easier, you can use this tool to filter the codes by their genre, description and decade.


Alternatively, you can also try this handy Chrome extension called Netflix Categories for easy in-browser access. This extension breaks down the Netflix codes into easy-to-find categories right on your Chrome browser via a drop-down box.

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