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Netflix adds a feature you’ll love

You’ve rounded up all your favorite snacks and built a comfy blanket fort – you are prepared to watch the entire season of the latest Netflix original series. Nothing can stand in your way and break your binge-watching flow, except the dreaded and repetitive opening credits.

Sure, the opening credits are interesting the first time; the second time you notice a few more details. But after the fourth episode, you are tired of seeing and hearing the same intro over and over. A mild inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

Instead of fast forwarding through it, soon you may be able to skip it all together. Netflix users have been noticing a “Skip Intro” button in the bottom-right corner of their screen. The feature is in a testing phase, so not everyone has access to it yet.

Note: Eagerness to watch the next episode of a series can sometimes result in “Netflix cheating.” Are you guilty of this practice?

The skip into feature is only available for a handful of shows, such as “Stranger Things,” “Mad Men,” “House of Cards” and “Friends.” Also, the button has only appeared when viewers have watched episodes through the website, not the app. But if the feature becomes popular, and I expect it will, then it will probably become available for every show on every platform.

Another change coming to the streaming service is a new content rating system. Right now, viewers can rate shows from one to five stars but they plan to switch to a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” system. A few users have seen this change already but it will roll out to everyone in April.

Plus, a new algorithm will reveal how likely people are to enjoy a particular show. It should take their recommendations feature up a notch.

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