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NBC is getting ready to take on Netflix and Amazon

There are so many big brands getting into the streaming business, we can hardly keep up. We told you earlier this week about Amazon’s new movie service in conjunction with IMDb.

Well, this week, one of the major networks announced it’s jumping into the streaming stream.

With so many streaming services to choose from, it seems the options will never end. And now NBC is getting in on the act.

NBCUniversal planning its own streaming service

Streaming services are big business these days, which is why Disney and Apple will be launching their own later this year. Not wanting to be left out, NBCUniversal announced plans to launch its new streaming service in early 2020. The kicker is, it will be available for free to some.

That’s because it’s going to be an ad-supported service. NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke told CNBC that you can expect to see 3 to 5 minutes of ads per hour. He also hinted that ads will be personalized, so get ready for more tracking.

You will be able to watch the new streaming service for no additional charge if you’re an NBCUniversal pay TV subscriber in the U.S. Comcast Cable and Sky’s 52 million subscribers will also get the new service for free.

If the idea of sitting through commercials makes you twitch, don’t worry I get it, there’s going to be an ad-free option also. But that will cost you about $12 a month. If you’re not a subscriber to one of the cable companies we mentioned earlier, you can also pay around $12 per month to get the new streaming service.

Earlier we told you that Netflix is raising its subscription prices, so this might be a little bit cheaper replacement for you. Of course that’s if you can do without Netflix’s binge-worthy content.

What content will NBCUniversal’s streaming service offer?

As far as what you can watch, it will be loaded with NBCUniversal’s content library. It’s going to feature popular television and movie franchises, including original programming along with content from outside partners.

If you’re worried about other streaming services losing NBC content like “The Office” and “30 Rock,” don’t. The company said, “it will continue to license content to other studios and platforms, while retaining rights to certain titles for its new service.”

We expect to see new services like this popping up more often in the future. Keep checking in with and we’ll let you know what’s on the way.

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