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Must have gadget will solve an every day problem

key finder is not something I was expecting to be excited about but it got my attention.

The main reason is that it’s very loud. We started testing it and disrupted everyone working away in our offices.

You can hear it from behind closed doors, tucked in cushions, possibly even from inside your refrigerator. If you are the kind of person who is always looking for your keys, this is your new best friend.

Ever lose your keys? This thing is loud! #dontloseyourkeys #bestinventionever

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How does it work?

It comes with a small fob you attach to your key ring and a card-size paging device. You slide a small switch on the pager to turn the search function on and the fob starts a loud alarm sound with a flashing light.

Once you locate your keys you push the button on top of the fob to turn your alarm off and switch the search function on the paging card to off. If you don’t it will go off again after 30 seconds.

The slim pager can be tucked in your wallet or purse, or keep it on your entryway table in case you need to find your keys and purse together.

-Very loud and has a flashing light
-Compact paging device
-No set up required
-Easy to use

-If you don’t switch the pager to off it will sound again

There are other GPS-based key finders on the market, what’s different about this one is if you drop your keys in a pile of leaves you can hear where it is. With a GPS-based locator, you can see in an app approximately where it is within about a 5-foot radius but that means you will have to just dig through the whole pile to find it.

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