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Move over Prime Day: other retailers jump on summer sale bandwagon

You may not know, but Amazon is big enough to get its own holiday — a holiday it created for itself! In the four years since its inception, Prime Day has become the internet’s premiere shopping session this side of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Exclusive deals, exciting promotions, and membership perks all add up to make the event a massive spectacle. It’s so popular, in fact, that in 2018, Amazon’s servers crashed due to massive levels of visitor traffic.

This year, however, Amazon is boldly moving forward like 2018 never happened — expanding Prime Day to cover 48 hours of nonstop shopping. That said, what are shoppers to do if the internet’s biggest marketplace comes tumbling down again on its biggest day(s) of the year?

Well, if you’re worried about missing out on the deals, Amazon isn’t the only game in town for summer sales. Big name retailers like Target, Walmart, and eBay have entered the fray — each with their own competitive offerings and promotions. If you want to know the best alternatives to Prime Day, read on to find out what these outlets plan to do on the internet’s busiest shopping day.

Target targets Prime Day with “Target Deal Days”

Target was quick to seize upon Prime Day’s newly extended hours with the announcement of its own “Target Deal Days.” Unlike Prime Day, however, these deals can be picked up at brick-and-mortar stores in addition to fast delivery.

In fact, Target is attempting to upstage Amazon at its own game by offering same-day delivery for hundreds of items. The Deal Days run parallel to Amazon (on July 15th and 16th) and give customers access to free delivery or in-store pickup at their local Target.

They even have a curbside “drive-up” option where employees can bring your items to your car! Holders of Target’s RedCard will see additional discounts, as well as free shipping without having to meet the minimum $35 spending threshold.

With how popular Target is, its plan may prove a formidable opponent to Amazon’s reign of retail terror.

Walmart wages war on Prime Day

Target’s mortal rival, Walmart, has plans of its own for the Prime Day rush. Unlike Amazon or Target, however, Walmart’s summer sales run from July 14th through July 17th, giving it a two-day leg up on its competitors.

Walmart’s offerings trend closely to what Target is serving up, with a range of deals on products throughout its online store. Just like with Target, participants will be eligible for free shipping if they meet a $35 dollar threshold with their order, and can potentially qualify for same-day delivery depending on their proximity to a Walmart store.

Enter eBay to the fray

Brick and mortar outlets aren’t the only ones playing catch up to Amazon’s domination of retail space. Online e-commerce giant eBay has announced its own plans for summer sales that squarely take aim at Amazon’s past mishaps.

In an announcement, eBay detailed a twofold strategy to compete with Prime Day. Starting on July 8th, eBay will be heavily discounting select “summer essential” items on its website with deals up to 80% off! What’s more, this sale will last two weeks — making it the longest lasting Prime Day competitor.

Additionally, it’s announced a potential “Crash Sale” with exclusive, one of a kind deals that can save users hundreds of dollars.

The catch: For the crash sale to take effect, Amazon has to go down like it did in 2018! In a massive display of shade, eBay has highlighted an embarrassing event in Amazon’s history while promising a customer-grabbing alternative in the form of special deals. A power move if there ever was one!

Which deals are best: Prime Day or its competitors?

Right now, there isn’t a solid verdict as the potential deals have yet to be revealed for every participant. That said, eBay is making an incredibly strong case for its deals, as the sale lasts longer than Amazon, Walmart, and Target and has an additional threat in the works.

More importantly, the outlet you choose to shop should reflect your needs as a consumer. Live close to Target? There’s nothing wrong with choosing them for your summer sale needs. Just make sure to keep an eye on every company involved. Without constant vigilance, you might miss out on great deals that you won’t find on the other platforms.

And who’s saying you need to pick just one, anyway? Personally, I’ll be picking stuff up from all three. That’s the ironic thing about sales: you end up spending more than if there had been no sale in the first place.

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