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Microsoft Windows Collaboration Displays include must-see cool features

In case you didn’t know, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) was not the only big tech conference that pegged this week. Computex 2018, the world’s largest IT trade show, also kicked off this week in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Established in 1981, Computex Taipei is the leading Information and communication technology show in the industry. The event is a showcase for the latest cutting-edge technology from leading brands like AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Asus, and of course, Microsoft.

So what was the most interesting Computex product unveiling we’ve seen so far? Well, it’s this line of huge collaborative screens that Microsoft and its partners are planning on rolling out later this year. Read on and learn what we know about this amazing product.

Windows Collaboration Displays

Microsoft presented a new device category at Computex 2018 this week and it was surely a “big” hit with the trade show attendees.

With the help of other display makers, Microsoft is creating a line called “Windows Collaboration Displays.”

Like Microsoft’s own Surface Hub, these gigantic high-resolution displays will have multi-touch screens, stylus support, stereo speakers, a webcam for teleconferencing, near-field microphones and a wide range of connectivity ports.

However, instead of being standalone systems (like the Surface Hub), these displays will connect to existing Windows 10 PCs in businesses. The displays are also designed around Microsoft 365 tools and will work seamlessly with software like Microsoft Office, Teams, and Whiteboard.

Additionally, with its built-in sensors, these displays can tap into Microsoft’s Azure Internet-of-Things (IoT) spatial awareness system and manage the heating and the cooling of a room based on how a room’s space is used.

When are they coming out?

Third-party display manufacturers are already lined up to produce the new Collaboration Displays, including TV maker Sharp and touchscreen display specialist Avocor.

Since these displays are meant for businesses and conference rooms, they won’t be cheap. However, at a starting price of $9,000, they’re still relatively cheaper than the Surface Hub.

These Windows Collaboration Displays may be out of reach for the regular consumer but it will be a big boost for businesses and offices looking for a digital whiteboard that can make presentations more team-oriented. Hey, with its collaborative features and spatial awareness, these displays could even increase overall office efficiency and productivity.

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