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How to meet and adopt a shelter dog from your computer

Zoom is the way many of us conduct business meetings these days, but now you can use it to find a new furry friend. Pedigree’s Dogs on Zoom program uses the app to showcase shelter dogs for people who are ready to adopt.

You can ask the handlers questions and find the right dog for your family. Tap or click to discover 10 tech gadgets for your pets.

Pedigree will pay adoption fees for any dog adopted this way, so this is perfect if money is tight. Here’s what you need to know.

Visit the Pedigree website

To join in the virtual meet-and-greets with adoptable dogs, visit Pedigree’s website Here, you’ll find enrolled shelters like the Nashville Humane Association and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Florida.

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Each meeting offers you the opportunity to observe dogs at play, ask questions and complete an adoption application online.

The Dogs on Zoom program highlights one shelter for three days with a daily meeting typically scheduled for 5:00 p.m. local time. The upcoming schedule includes:

  • The Little Guild in Cornwall, Connecticut on May 19-21.
  • Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans on May 22, 25 and 26.
  • Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio on May 27-29.
  • Dallas Pets Alive in Dallas, Texas on June 1-3.
  • Additional shelters will be added for June.

Check with the Pedigree website for up-to-date event info. You can also donate or learn more about the current shelter.

Find a local shelter or register your shelter

While the Dogs on Zoom campaign highlights a single shelter at one time, which may or may not be local to you, the site also provides a link to find shelters in your area. And, if you run a shelter and are interested in enrolling your shelter in the Pedigree Dogs on Zoom campaign, you need to complete the shelter tool kit.

Rent a furry friend via Zoom

Not ready to commit to adopting a dog? Consider renting a pooch or feline as a way to bring fun to your Zoom meetings and donate to a good cause.

In April, the Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL) began a videoconferencing fundraiser that allows people to “rent” a pet to show up, via a cameo, in Zoom meetings. Cameo options include 15-minutes for a $50 donation or 30-minutes for $100.

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If you’re interested in adding a furry face to your next video call, simply fill out a form on the MARL website. Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance of your video conference.

With shelters taking creative approaches to pet adoption, it has never been easier to welcome a furry friend into your home and life. And, who couldn’t use some friendly companionship in these troubled times?

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