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Lenovo offers a sneak peek at the new dual screen Yoga Book

When it comes to technology, much of the fun revolves around seeing what companies will come up with next. Often times new things are born out of need, a device or gadget that solves a problem we deal with.

Of course, many of our favorites, things we can no longer live without, have created the need themselves. Really, did we need touchscreen phones or do we just like them more than those that have a keypad?

But that’s kind of the point of technology, especially when it comes to advancement. Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we could actually have it, and Lenovo’s Yoga Book may very well fit into that category.

Since when do computers do yoga?

Spoiler alert: they don’t. But the device is named such because of its flexibility. The Yoga Book, which first arrived in 2016, is a hybrid laptop/tablet that replaced the traditional keyboard with a smooth pad that acts as both a keyboard and a sort of notepad.

It was called the “Halo Keyboard” and it was, umm, interesting.

Overall the Yoga Book was a cool concept, a sleek and classy device that was very portable. It took some time getting used to, especially since most of us are comfortable with keyboards that have, you know, keys.

Reviews of the initial Yoga Book were understandably mixed, with some feeling like it was more of a gimmick — a novelty — than something people should actually buy. That did not stop Lenovo from trying to improve on its initial version, however, and this week the company unveiled its second-generation Yoga Book at Computex 2018.

As for the new stuff

Photo from Engadget

The biggest change is instead of a Halo Keyboard, the newest version of the Yoga Book will feature dual display panels. Lenovo is also promising an improved inking (using a pen to “write” on one screen and having it show up on the other as a document) experience along with an AI-enabled keyboard.

If the digital keyboard is an improvement over the original version — say, maybe something like what we see on iPads or other tablets — then it could work for people.

It will all be powered by a higher-performance Intel CPU while still maintaining its sleek, thin design. The Yoga Book 2 will still be incredibly light, which you had to figure given that is the device’s main selling point.

Other than that, Lenovo has not released much in the way of information. As for when the Yoga Book 2 will be available, the expectation is for later this year.

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