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Last chance to get your free Windows 10 upgrade before the year is over

Upgrading your computer’s operating system when new versions come out will bring you new features, but more importantly, usually a string of security enhancements come too. For years, the norm was you had to either buy a new computer or pay for the new version.

Microsoft has been offering users a free upgrade to Windows 10 but decided to kill off the program. Regular users were cut off back in July, but they are still allowing a free upgrade for people who use “Assistive” technology features until December 31, 2017.

Before you count yourself out, let’s look at what constitutes “Assistive” technology features.

Assistive Technology Features

Odds are, you probably use one and you don’t even know it. Microsoft’s definition of the term is pretty wide so you should be in luck.

Have you ever used the magnifying tool? Or what about speech recognition or the digital assistant Cortana? You are covered! Get this one, ever use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to copy and paste? You’re covered there too.

See what I mean? Microsoft was playing pretty loose with its definition. Seems to me they wanted to give as many people a chance to upgrade, so good news for us!

How do I upgrade?

It’s pretty simple. First, you should back up your computer, next, go to Microsoft’s free upgrade site, click here and I’ll take you right to it. Then you click the link that says “Download Now” and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are worried about if you qualify or not, there are some FAQs on the page. Microsoft said, “We are not restricting the upgrade offer to specific assistive technologies. If you use assistive technology on Windows, you are eligible for the upgrade offer.”

But again, I have to stress, the offer ends on December 31 so the clock is ticking! Well, if you want that free upgrade it is.

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