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Is “Netflix cheating” ruining your relationship?

Have you ever cheated on anyone? According to, over half of men and women admit to straying from a relationship at least once. It remains one of the top reasons why people get divorced.

What about “Netflix cheating”? It’s when you agree to watch a television series with your significant other but then you begin to watch episodes without him or her. Not as serious but still a violation of trust.

Netflix conducted a survey and found that 46 percent of couples who watch shows together have Netflix cheated. And out of that 46 percent, 81 percent had done it more than once! Couples in Brazil and Mexico are the biggest offenders; 57 percent and 58 percent, respectively admit to doing the deed.

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Netflix said there are even different types of cheating. They’ve organized them into categories and provided statistics.

(Note: If you are reading this article using the App, click here to see the image.)

(Note: If you are reading this article using the App, click here to see the image.)

We may be a little bit guilty of helping you cheat. In the past, we’ve explained how to hide your view history and create another profile. But we do more good than harm! There are so many articles about Netflix tips and tricks.

What do you think? Is this just one way that technology makes relationships harder? There are also dating apps like Tinder that can focus on appearance over substance. Plus, sites like Ashley Madison actually encourage and facilitate cheating! Let me know your opinion in the comments section below.

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