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Why Apple iPhone's weather app has a mysterious dot
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Here’s what the SECRET dot in your iPhone’s weather app means

Checking to see what the weather will be like, you thankfully no longer have to page through the local newspaper. You can get all the information you need on your phone, and here are five of the best weather apps for iOS and Android.

But each weather app looks a bit different from the rest, and it can be confusing to figure out how they work. Some, though, do have a few secrets up their proverbial sleeves. Did you know that iOS can show you a real-time temperature map of the world?

Apple’s weather app for iPhone also has a mysterious feature that perplexes users. There’s a dot that appears, and people don’t know why. Keep reading to find out why it’s there.

Here’s the backstory

Apple changed several things when iOS 15 was released last year, and one of them is the built-in weather app. The tech giant acquired the Dark Sky app in 2020 and merged some of the features into iOS 15.

It received a major visual overhaul, making it easier to navigate and find the information you’re looking for. Apple also added the ability for you to see a global map with current temperatures, and a new 10-day makes planning more straightforward.

While many users have welcomed the changes, some noticed colored bars and a seemingly out-of-place dot in the 10-day forecast. It’s not a visual glitch but rather one of the secrets that the new weather app is hiding. The same dot can be seen in the UV Index scale a bit further down the app’s main page.

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The colored bars in the forecast section represent the temperature scale for that particular day. It serves as a quick visual guide for temperature fluctuations. But what about the white dot?

What you can do about it

Well, you’ll notice that the tiny white dot is only in the colored bar for the current day. The dot has been designed to indicate where the current temperature falls on the temperature scale for that day. If the high is predicted to be 42 degrees and the white dot is at the end, that is the warmest part of the day.

The same indicator is present in the UV Index and the Sunset times. The latter’s white dot will indicate the sun’s position in relation to the horizon. It will also give you an estimate of what time the sunset will be.

For the UV Index, the white dot represents the index at the current time. This makes it easier to plan outdoor activities and how much sun lotion you need to put on. If you didn’t know, you could also swipe left or right on the hourly temperature index to see the weather coming up.

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