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making an app? think small
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Have an idea for an app? Here’s why you should go for it

Have an idea for an app? Go for it. Seriously. Apple says 90% of its developers are small, with fewer than 1 million downloads and less than $1 million a year in revenue. And as a group, their revenue grew by 87% in the U.S. over the last couple of years.

Bonus: Apple charges a 30% commission to big developers. The little guys only pay back 15% of the revenue.

Hot categories

The fastest-growing apps are health, fitness and lifestyle oriented. I checked out the top App Store downloads. Think you have an idea that can beat these? 

  • Waterllama: Get in your ounces to fill in the cartoon llama. It’ll remind you to drink.
  • Pool-Calculator: This does all the math for you when you need to treat your pool or hot tub. Genius. 
  • FaceYoga: Not sure if it can really erase wrinkles or get rid of a double chin, but hey, a lot of people are willing to download it to find out.

📲 Want to learn how to build iPhone apps? Have fun.

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