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Interested in working from home? Amazon may be the company for you

To say Amazon is a successful company would be quite the understatement. It has grown far beyond its humble beginnings as an online book store and is now the go-to place for pretty much all shopping needs.

The company also owns Whole Foods and has its hands in so many other areas. For many, the idea of not having Amazon in their lives is not something they want to think about, which goes to show just how big of a brand it is.

But have you ever thought about working for the Seattle-based company? It’s certainly possible, and now you wouldn’t even have to leave home to do it.

Become a virtual worker

It’s true that Amazon plans on opening a second U.S. headquarters, though we do not yet know where it’s going to be. What is certain is there are 239 job listings at that are either “virtual” or of the “work from home” variety, all but two of which are full-time positions.

The roles range from things like solutions architect and human resources to customer service and software development. There are more categories, of course, with the jobs being available all across the United States as well as in other places like Costa Rica, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In all there are 20 different job categories, with the most open positions being for solutions architect, with Sales, Advertising, & Account Management and Project/Program/Product Management Technical rounding out the top three.

If you do land a virtual job with Amazon, besides being able to work from home, benefits include health, medical and dental insurance, along with a 401K plan with company match, restricted stock units, maternity and paternal leave. You will also get adoption assistance and, of course, an employee discount on Amazon products as well as goods sold and shipped by the company.

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