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If you forget to take your prescription pills, Alexa can now remind you

Folks with prescription regimens have to keep accurate timetables to take their pills. Many medicines require specific doses and time windows, and making a mistake can be dangerous. That’s why healthcare technology is so vital in today’s world. Tap or click here for the best health and fitness gadgets.

Nowadays, taking prescriptions is easier than ever thanks to smart technology like digital calendars and reminders, but a newcomer might up the ante even more: Alexa.

Thanks to a new update, Alexa can now remind you when to take your medicine. This has the potential to help millions of people live healthier lives, and can save users from having to watch the clock. But what else does Alexa have in store for you?

‘Alexa, refill my prescription’

According to new reports from Engadget, Alexa is about to get a little bit smarter when it comes to your health. Following Amazon’s acquisition of healthcare startups Omnicell and PillPack, Alexa will be able to refill your prescription by voice. It’ll even be able to remind you when it’s time to take your next dose.

All you’ll need to do is download the corresponding Alexa Skill for your pharmacy, register your account and set a passcode. Then you’ll be ready to stay on top of your healthcare with Alexa’s help.

Right now, the feature is only available to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers, but Amazon has gone on record to say it will be partnering with several more big-name pharmacies over the course of 2020.

If you’re a Giant Eagle Pharmacy customer, just open the Alexa app on your phone and search for the skill. Once you’ve downloaded it, ask Alexa to open the skill and she’ll walk you through the setup process.

More to come from Alexa in 2020

Pill reminders and refills aren’t the only advancements Alexa is making in 2020. According to Amazon, the voice assistant will be receiving an “emotional” upgrade that will allow her to respond in excited and disappointed tones to your queries.

Amazon’s goal is to make the assistant more lifelike in user interactions. Engineers imagine Alexa responding to an incorrect trivia answer, for example, in a disappointed tone. Or, potentially, reacting excitedly when a user wins a game.

You’ll have the ability to switch between different speaking styles when Alexa reads you the news or announces music that’s playing. You can choose from a crisp, news anchor-like speaking style to a whispery, laid back style, depending on your preference.

All these updates come as Amazon announces it’s putting Alexa in even more devices in the coming years. According to another report from Endgadget, Alexa is being streamlined to only require 1GB of RAM to run, which means it might appear in even more low-spec devices like thermostats, light bulbs and toys.

As cool as this sounds, will users really be okay with a product that skirts user privacy inside their kids’ toys? Click or tap to see what Amazon is doing with your Alexa recordings.

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