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Iconic RAZR flip phone gets a modern makeover (and a big price tag)

It’s 2005. Emo music fills the air, MySpace is the social network of choice and reality TV is taking over the world of entertainment. Smartphones, sorry, cell phones are the hot new tech on the block, and out of all the models on the market, one draws more envy and praise than any other: the Motorola Moto RAZR.

The Moto RAZR was ahead of its time in many ways — from its metal enclosure to its weight and slim profile, but flash forward to 2019 and the phone ecosystem looks completely different. Only Samsung makes a folding phone now, but it’s got issues of its own. Click or tap to see why Samsung delayed the Galaxy Fold.

Signs are pointing to a surprise return for Motorola’s flagship handheld: a rebooted, touch-sensitive Moto RAZR, which is expected to launch in the coming months with a sleek, retro design that’s even capable of folding. If you’re ready to put some nostalgia in your pocket, here’s what we know about Motorola’s mysterious upcoming RAZR revival.

The RAZR reborn

According to reports from CNET, Motorola is reviving their iconic RAZR phone within the next several months. This comes after months of speculation following the company’s submission of a folding smartphone patent that bares more than just a striking resemblance to the 00’s RAZR

Motorola all but confirmed the upcoming release with a press announcement scheduled for November 13, where they plan to unveil “an icon like no other.” The event will take place in Los Angeles and should give the press a closer look at the upcoming device.

This isn’t the first time Motorola has attempted to resurrect the RAZR brand. In 2011, it partnered with Verizon to introduce the Droid RAZR — which took no design cues from the original, but billed itself as the world’s thinnest smartphone at the time. That product has since been discontinued.

What do we know about the new Moto RAZR?

Rumors and supply-chain leaks point to a sleek, folding touchscreen phone powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor and featuring up to 6 GB of RAM. It will have up to 128 GB of storage capacity and will supposedly come in black, white and gold color schemes.


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Most notably, the phone will come at a $1,500 price point. This is almost $500 cheaper than the baseline Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the phones both feature similar folding screen technology. The main difference is the Galaxy Fold extends horizontally. The RAZR is meant to emulate its flip phone heritage with a vertical fold that makes the device easy to store in your pockets.

This was a major plus in the era of skinny jeans, but people will still benefit from the extra pocket real estate the RAZR provides.

When is the new RAZR coming out?

No solid release date appears to have been set for the new RAZR. But, as we mentioned above, the highly anticipated kickoff is set to take place November 13. We’ll be updating this story with more info as it arrives, and we’re excited to see another folding smartphone contender throw its hat in the ring.

Hopefully, this one’s launch goes a bit smoother than Samsung’s attempt. Click or tap to see why the Galaxy Fold broke after one day of use. App background

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