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How to get deliveries at Amazon's Hub Lockers and why you'd want to
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Need to skip the front porch delivery? How to use an Amazon Hub Locker

Most of us wait in anticipation for our Amazon order to arrive. But we can’t always be home when the delivery truck rolls up. Usually, the driver will leave your package at the front door and drive off.

That creates several problems, the least of which is possibly spoiling a gift for a loved one. Over the last few years, porch pirates have become an ever-increasing threat to home deliveries. 

But what can you do to make sure you get your package in one piece? Give Amazon Hub Lockers a try. Read on to find out where they are and how to use them.

Here’s the backstory

In most cases, your fear of porch pirates is justified. But you also don’t want your packages to sit in the pouring rain or snow. You didn’t have much choice other than waiting at home with a beady eye until now.

When you place an order on Amazon, you can now opt to forego front porch delivery and have it sent to a secure locker instead. In simple terms, an Amazon Hub Locker is a self-service kiosk where you can retrieve your delivery at any time.

There are lockers scattered across 900 cities throughout the U.S., and all you have to do is add the nearest locker location to your address book when placing an order. When your order arrives, you’ll get an email from Amazon with a six-digit number to access the specific locker.

How to find Amazon Hub Lockers

The best part about Amazon Hub Locker is there are no additional charges for using them. And if you are a Prime member, you can still get free two-day, one-day and same-day shipping.

While the Amazon Hub Locker is the standard option for off-site delivery, people living in apartments get a special version of it. Granted permission by the building management, Amazon can install a Hub Locker at an apartment complex. 

So, where are the Amazon Hub Lockers located and how do you use them? Well, you can enter your city, ZIP code or address into to find the nearest one. If you need to return an item, you can also select any locker as the drop-off location. 

The easiest way to find an Amazon Hub Locker is during the ordering process. When you get to the checkout page, Amazon asks where you want your package delivered.

Your home address is most likely the default, but there is an option under your address to pick a Hub Locker. You will see the number of Hub Lockers near your address. That number is hyperlinked. Just click it, and a map with available locations to choose from appears. It looks like this:

Once you have selected a location, add it to your address book on Amazon to use for future deliveries. If you happen to pass by a locker at any stage, scan the QR code at the Hub Locker and it will sync with your Amazon account.

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