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Use this smart hack to link to specific text from a webpage

Have you ever tried to win a friendly argument by linking someone to information you found on the internet, only to be told by your sparring partner that they can’t find what you’re referring to in the text? It’s a frustrating turn of events, but a new Google Chrome extension can help you resolve the issue and prevail as the argument winner every time.

The basic premise of the extension is this: it allows you to generate unique URLs that link to — and highlight — specific text passages on a webpage, regardless of the page’s formatting. The person on the receiving end of the URL link will be automatically directed to the passage you want them to see. RELATED: Are browser extensions safe? Here’s what you need to know.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at how this Chrome extension works and what it can do to help you better pass along useful information to friends.

What is Link to Text Fragment?

Link to Text Fragment is a free extension that allows you to highlight and link a specific passage within a block of web text to share with other people. The extension works by letting you specify a text snippet in the URL fragment, which can emphasize and bring it to the user’s attention.

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Using this extension is basically a way to direct people to a “fragment” of specific information within a webpage. It works much like YouTube’s feature that lets you link to specific moments on a video, and can be particularly handy if you want to share a passage of text with someone but it’s buried within a lengthy block of text.

What Text Fragment works best for

For example, let’s say you’re in a friendly argument and are pretty sure you’re on the right side of the disagreement, but you can’t prove it without some supporting information. You do what any rational person would do: dig around the internet until you find the information to back up your argument.

You’ll want to link that information to the person you’re arguing with, right? Well, the problem is that it’s buried in an extensive block of text and you want to showcase your answer. You can win the argument easily by using this Chrome extension to highlight your proof in the text or cite your source of information. As the winner, you can then take your rightful place on the argument throne.

You can also use this tool to help highlight specific instructions or tutorials, which is pretty useful if you regularly find yourself walking a parent or friend through the specific steps of a process. Using this extension to direct them to accurate, comprehensive information will let them teach themselves instead, and you’ll have the peace of mind from knowing that they’re using a reputable source to do so.

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Pretty cool, right? There is a slight downside, though. If you want to use this handy extension to highlight information, you’ll need to be using Chrome or Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, because usage is limited to those two browsers. It doesn’t work with Firefox, Safari, or other browsers.

How to use Text Fragments

As mentioned above, this is a free extension that works with Chrome or Edge browsers, and all you have to do is download it to use it. You can start the download process by tapping or clicking here. Once you’re on the download page, just click the Add to Chrome button.

Once it’s installed:

  • Find the text passage you want to link to.
  • Highlight the passage > right click on the highlighted text.
  • From there, simply select Copy Link to Selected Text.

Doing this should generate a link with a unique URL that can be opened by the people you send it to, as long as they’re using a compatible browser. You can also paste the link on social media or other platforms to help people quickly find the specific information you’re posting about in the linked article or passage.

Overall, this new extension is pretty simple to download and use, so it may be worth the time to install it. Just think of all the arguments you’ll win once it’s in place. Facebook tiffs will never be the same.

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