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iPhone apps not opening? Here’s how to fix it

Did you grab the update for iOS 13.5 yet? It’s one of Apple’s most important updates ever, with pandemic-specific features like contact tracing and easy-unlocking for mask-wearers.

Not only that, the update supposedly fixed many bugs from the previous version of iOS, which resulted in a much more stable update (for the most part). Tap or click here to see everything that came with iOS 13.5.

But lo and behold, there are new bugs cropping up — including one that breaks family sharing for apps across multiple devices. If you share apps with your kids and family members, here’s how you can get beyond the glitch and get your phone up and running again.

A weird bug with an even weirder fix

An unusual bug has been plaguing early-adopters of Apple’s new iOS 13 update that prevents them from opening up apps they’ve had no problem using in the past. After installing iOS 13.5, select apps will display an alert upon opening that says “The app is no longer shared with you,” and must be re-downloaded to make it work again.

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This is unusual for several reasons and comes with a good deal of inconvenience for good measure. On one hand, uninstalling the app can repair the bug rather easily, but at the same time, you’ll lose any app-specific data in the process.

A little bit of digging in both iOS and the alert itself points to a bug with Family Sharing, which allows users to designate other Apple IDs as part of a “family group” that can share downloads. Because this glitch affects family sharing, it treats you as if your account does not have permission to use the app.

Enough iPhone users were affected by the glitch for Apple to step in and take action. Unlike usual, however, the bug fix isn’t a new version of iOS but a series of app updates for nearly everything you have on your device.

How do I fix this annoying bug on my phone?

For a solid few days, Apple users were forced to rely on a process called “unloading” to regain the use of their apps. This is when the iPhone automatically removes apps that are not being used, all while preserving their specific user data. Unfortunately, this process was slower and more complicated than most users preferred.

But now, Apple has an official solution to the issue. In a statement provided to TechCrunch, Apple claimed the issue had been resolved through a series of App Store updates. So good news: You won’t have to update iOS again and risk even more glitches in the process!

This might also explain why your App Store icon has a huge number of notifications waiting for you. It might look alarming, but it’s all part of the fix.

To straighten your apps out, all you need to do is open the App Store and tap the icon with your initials or profile picture in the upper-right corner. Once you’re in the menu that opens, scroll down to Available Updates and tap on Update All to get all the most recent versions.

Once your apps are up to date, the issue should vanish from your device.

This might take some time, but at the very least, Apple came out with a fix fast enough that we could get back to enjoying the update as it is. It would be a shame if it was to let the issues go like, say, another major tech company out there. Tap or click here to see what the last Microsoft update broke.

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