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Using two spaces after a period? Microsoft Word says you’re wrong

There has been one question writers have debated for years — how many spaces between sentences is too many? Put those fears to rest, folks, as Microsoft has finally made its position known. There shalt be only one space between sentences; two are too many.

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It’s now incorrect to put two spaces after ending a sentence in Microsoft Word, but curious as to why that’s the case and how one might stick their head in the typographical sand and revert back to the familiar two-spaces between sentences? Stick around, we’ll be covering all that and more right here!

The end of a spacing era

In the past, it was up to the user whether or not to use one or two spaces between sentences. Neither would be marked incorrect, but now that this has changed, many are wondering why.

The habit of double-spacing sentences can be traced back to typewriters, which did, in fact, require two spaces between sentences for clarity. In the electronic era, however, proper spacing between sentences is done automatically with only a single space.

How does my copy of Word get this change?

Microsoft has been testing this feature and is now rolling the change out to desktop versions of Word. While you may or may not have access to the update yet, be sure to keep your computer connected to the internet and your copy of Word up to date so you can enjoy the change as soon as it is available to you.

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How to force Word to mark two-spaces between sentences as correct

If you aren’t so concerned with what Microsoft now thinks you should be doing and instead prefer to happily continue tapping that space bar an extra time, this is an easy issue to fix.

When Word marks the second space between sentences as incorrect, simply right click on it and select Always Ignore. If you’re keen on removing this marking altogether, this only requires a few more clicks:

  1. In Word, click Home >> Options >> Proofing.
  2. Under Writing Style, click Settings.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Grammar & Refinements.
  4. Set Spaces between sentences to don’t check.

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