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How do you listen to The Kim Komando Show?

There are three ways to listen to The Kim Komando Show. You can play the show podcast on your Amazon Alexa device, listen to it while visiting the Komando Community or tune in to your local radio station.

Smart devices have made it much easier to listen to Digital Goddess’ weekly show. You can even go back and listen to past episodes.

The Kim Komando Show provides you with the latest news from the technology world, introduces you to new products and offers tips on how to use technology to improve your lifestyle.

Alexa, play The Kim Komando Show

Make sure your smart speaker is powered on and simply say, “Alexa, play The Kim Komando Show.”

If you’re not a subscriber, Alexa will ask if you want to subscribe through your Amazon account. Say yes and she’ll give you the price — $2.99 per month, and you may cancel at any time. The subscription will be charged to your Amazon account.

New podcast episodes are available every Saturday morning. When you tell Alexa to play The Kim Komando Show she’ll play the most recent show podcast.

You can also tell Alexa to play the prior week’s podcast by saying, “Alexa, play the next episode.” Alexa will allow you to listen to the last two months of episode podcasts right on your smart speaker.

If you’re interrupted while listening, simply say, “Alexa pause.” When you’re ready to start listening again say, “Alexa play.” When you’ve finished listening to the show just say, “Alexa stop.”

In this video, Kim tries out the app herself.

Get an all-access pass by becoming a Pro Komando Community member

Kim built the Komando Community as a safe and secure site where her fans can connect with friends. You can post your tech question to the site’s forums or browse the blogs for information.

But if you become a Pro member, you get access to her full radio show, which is posted as a podcast on the Komando Community site. You can listen to the podcast on your time. As a Pro member, you can also catch up on past episodes with up to three month’s worth of show archives.

You get all of this and much more by paying $4.99 a month to become a Pro member. So join the Kommando Community today as a Pro member and don’t forget to send Kim a Friend Request.

Listen to The Kim Komando Show

Listen to Kim on your local radio station

With more than 400 stations airing The Kim Komando Show, Kim can be heard across the U.S. and on Armed Forces Radio. To find your local radio station visit our station finder and search your local listings.

There you have it. You can listen to The Kim Komando Show live on your local radio station or on your schedule through Amazon’s Alexa and as a Pro member of the Komando Community. Happy listening!

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