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How dash cams can provide crash evidence

There are many reasons to not want to get into an auto accident, with the chance for personal injury — or worse — topping the list. But even if the wreck is a minor one, there is still plenty of drama left to unfold.

You have to deal with the police, usually, as well as insurance companies that don’t always seem too keen on really helping out. A big part of the issue is trying to piece together exactly what happened.

It could turn into your word against someone else’s, and without reliable witnesses there’s no telling what will ultimately be decided. One thing that could help your cause is a dash cam, which is why they have become increasingly more popular in recent years.

Why grab a dash cam?

Simply put, a dash cam could provide the evidence you need to win your case or claim. Whether you are in a serious crash or a fender bender, it will document what happened before, during and after the wreck.

Insurance companies and the other people involved may not be excited to believe your story, but if there is a video recording it will be difficult to deny. They are also helpful in seeing if someone messed with your car or even tried to steal it, as it could record their faces.

A dash cam can also be good for recording road trips as well, or possibly other things you see while driving — like a crazy storm or a comet — that you would like to show other people.

Most dash cams record both audio and video, with many offering high-quality for both. The video will be from the same perspective you have as the driver, with some giving a 180-degree view of your surroundings.

Features will of course vary by model and price, but one that would be nice to have is an embedded GPS chip so that the dash cam can geostamp anything it records with a location and time.

They often have a small LCD screen that is used mostly for setting it up, with removable memory cards that can be used to transfer footage to a computer or television.

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