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Check out these great deals to upgrade your home theater

The home theater has never been as prevalent as it is today, and it’s not just because of advances in tech. Think about it: streaming services like Netflix and Hulu not only have Hollywood movies and network TV shows, but also a seemingly endless amount of original content that’s only continuing to grow.

But are you getting the most out of that content? Let’s look at your home theater components. If that Blockbuster movie rental is still stuck in the VCR, it’s time for it to go. If your receiver has a silver hue and a wood finish, you might consider newer options. And if your TV has to be carried by two people but it’s only a 19-inch model, it’s definitely time to upgrade that, too.

So let’s look at a few options that won’t break the bank. Finding new home theater tech on sale is great, but you can save even more money by shopping through Rakuten.

Save money on a new TV with Rakuten

If you’re not familiar with Rakuten, they’ve been helping shoppers save money for about two decades. To put that into perspective, they have about 12 million members who’ve earned a cumulative $1 billion in cash back. And there’s no catch; you can still shop at your favorite stores.

Now let’s get back to those home theater upgrades and start with your TV. And it’s never been better to jump in with a 4K UHD TV. So here are a couple of options that come in below the $300 mark.

Get a great 4K TV at a great price

LG 43-inch 4K UHD TV at Best Buy

Start your home theater upgrade with an LG 43-inch 4K Smart LED UHD TV. Get online directly from the TV to stream shows and movies from Netflix and other services. It’s also got three HDMI and two USB inputs. And it’s on sale for $269.99 right now.

Save 5%-25% on Select 4K Ultra HD TVs

Go big and add Roku

TCL 49-inch 4K UHD TV at Best Buy

Is a 43″ TV too small? Go a little bigger with the TCL 49-inch UHD TV with Roku TV built in. This TV has 4K upscaling, so you can still view 1080p content in near 4K quality. Roku Smart TV is also built in, which gives you access to stream half a million moves and TV episodes from just about any service. Right now it’s $60 off it’s normal price at $279.99.

Save $80 on a Sharp 50″ Class Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR Roku TV, Now $299.99

But if you’re already set with a 4K TV, maybe you need an updated streaming option.

Stream content with Alexa’s help

Amazon FireTV Stick 4K at Best Buy

The latest Amazon FireTV Stick 4K has the Alexa voice assistant built right into the remote. Just press the button and tell Alexa what you’re searching for and you’re ready to go. With tens and thousands of apps and Alexa skills, you’ll be watching your favorite movies shows in no time. Catch it while it’s on sale.

Save $10–$30 on select Amazon Fire tablets.

Ready for a 4K  AV receiver?

Sony 7.2-ch. 4K Ultra HD AV Home Theater Receiver at Best Buy

Save $80 on this Sony 7.2-ch. 4K Ultra HD A/V Home Theater Receiver that’ll create an immersive Atmos or DTS:X sound environment. It’s also Bluetooth-connected, so you’ll also be able to stream your music right through.

Get $100 Of this HD receiver

But if you’re not looking to add speakers around the room, there’s a soundbar system with great sound.

Samsung 2.1 ch. soundbar system at Best Buy

With the Samsung 2.1-Ch. soundbar system, you can optimize your home theater acoustics. The system comes equipped with an HDMI port, an active subwoofer and built-in Bluetooth for all your streaming needs. And you can save $100 off the regular price right now.

Get $100 off this Samsung soundbar App background

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